Life Lessons: Forgiving yourself ❤️

Yesterday and for sometime now, I have observed a reoccurring reaction to the country’s independence ( or anything that has to do with the country).A lot of us are angry. 

Look closely, a lot of us are angry at ourselves. We haven’t forgiven ourselves for the roles we played(or didnt play) in the last election.

It got me thinking. 

A lot of us are punishing ourselves for things that have happened a long time ago and because we are holding on to it, we are stuck on our regrets.

To forgive is to stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offence, flaw, or mistake.

I like to believe that our current reaction to things is based off former experiences that we have had in the past. And so we unconsciously or consciously compel ourselves to react a certain way. 

You need to forgive yourself. You need to forgive yourslef and trust yourself to be better and wiser. A lot of us have issues- Trust issues, commitment issues. Some of us do not get close to people not anymore. Some of us make conscious effort to not get attached to people, some of us don’t laugh like we used to. The list on what life has turned us into is endless.
We have become a different version of ourselves because truth is, we blame ourselves for the things have happened. You hear things like; I let him get to close, I trusted her so easy, it is all my fault etc.

How long will you continue to punish yourself for what has happened? How long will you be angry at yourself? Is it worth it? Haven’t you learnt your lesson by now? Is the burden not too heavy for you? 
Listen, what has happened has happened and more often than not, there really isn’t anything that can be done to change it. It is probably your fault or not. 

You need to admit it has happened and move on from it.

So instead of handling the situation like a plague or running away from it, why not look forward to doing things better?
Let go of the pain and of everything because you are stuck on this thing and you aren’t moving forward. 
When you find your self in a similar situation again, don’t run away. 

You need to stop running. You need to be positive about it. The time has come for you to flip the page and begin to write a new chapter. 

Cut yourslef some slack. 

Stop being too hard on yourself. 

You are human. 

Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. Other people get your forgiveness why are you still punishing yourself? 
You can’t undo what has happened but you can make amends.

Start by forgiving your self. You deserve a forgiveness too.

Accept what you can’t change.

Forgive yourself.

Happy new month guys ❤️.



Oct 2nd, 2017