Closing open doors: it’s time to let go.

They say change is constant. Yet change is one of the hardest things for us to do.

Ever been stuck doing the same thing the same way that you refuse to know any other way? Not because there’s no other way but because you are afraid of what this change might bring and so you remain stuck and adamant in your methods. After all, it is how you’ve been doing it. Abi? So you say to yourself ‘work harder’, ‘put in more effort’, ‘stay up longer’, pray more etc. to justify the reason you are still there.

We hold on to some things (could be a dream, an idea, a thought) or someone for the longest of time because we are afraid to accept a truth. A truth that only we know – it’s time to close that door and move on.

We are stuck in places and situations we shouldn’t be in because it is what is ‘safe’ to do thereby leaving doors that should be closed open.

The signs are everywhere. We see them. We know them. We refuse to pay attention. We have refused to see these signs because a lot of us are scared. We have become overwhelmed with the fear of disappointing someone and letting others down that we let ourselves down too many times.

Holding onto something that isn’t right will only stop you from realizing what is right. You need to tell yourself the truth. In order to be able to close doors you need to be 100% honest with yourself.

Closing doors is one of life’s painful processes because feelings will get hurt, you will be judged and people who do not matter and matter will tell you they are disappointed. But people won’t understand always and may not relate to what you know to be true in your heart. You have to learn to trust your instincts.

Listen to yourself. Pay attention to how events unfold.

A lot of times these open doors leave us nothing but disappointments, heartbreaks, pain, depression etc. because when we think about the time and energy and resources we have invested in keeping this door open, we cannot imagine closing it. It must work laslas.

A lot of us are leaving doors open that we should have shut because we enjoy the benefits that come from these open doors and see it as a compensation for all of the energy that it is draining from us. And sometimes, we think we have shut these doors but the truth is we have not completely closed them but have left an open crack, just in case. The longer we stay staring at the crack, hoping for a ray of light to come through, the more we ignore all of the other doors opening up, blocking them out with all of our usual excuses until they eventually close completely.

One of the most difficult life lessons I’ve had to learn is wanting something so badly but knowing that it can’t work and that I needed to let go especially after all of the careful planning and preparations I have had to do.

I didn’t want to let go, because letting go is so painful and it felt like I had betrayed myself and a piece of me was about to be taken away but they say when a door closes another opens and so I have found consolation knowing that my experiences from the closed door gives me a better perspective and it makes letting go easier.

For me, closing a door to open a new one is like a new opportunity to create something new. And although starting again is scary, there is a renewed confidence in my new found wisdom and if I need to shut a door, I know it’s for the better.

Are you leaving a door open that you need to close? See ehn, level up with yourself. Be 100% honest with yourself, have that conversation with yourself and make that decision.

Begin to mentally prepare yourself because it is a painful process no matter how small the door is but be rest assured that you’ll be happier.

Close that door. Cut that tie. Do what is good for your soul. Nobody knows this but you.

Love & Light Always,


June 2018.