Waiting here in the calmness of the night,
sleep in her eyes.
She hopes it rains
though the stars shine brightly.
I know it never will.

It doesn’t.

She takes a deep breath.
the kind that gives a feeling of liberation.
“It feels so good” she says,
“To be away from all of it – the fear,
the pain,
the need to be loved
and cuddled up

and well,
all of it sha”.

“Hmmm”.that’s all I say.

“you know”, she says to me again,
“I haven’t had
this calmness in a long, long time”


I breathe a sigh of relief,
close my eyes briefly
and open them again..
then I smile.

“Am moving on.
not looking back.
My eyes fixed on the road.
comfortable with myself.
you know?,
the road looks bright”

It’s just me, you and us.

It definitely has to be bright.

She stands.
She looks at the skies one
Last time.
“Time is our friend” she says and
walks away.