He awakened.
But there was
no difference
from his
buried self;
change was far
from it.
She never existed.
Just an item
that filled up
the empty space.
There was none
of that.
It was just him
and just her.
She lived on fantasies
and just like
he said, everything
was a perfect
walt disney picture
but only this time
in back and white.
She hurt herself
trying to love,
trying to bring
out a part that
could never be.

It brushed her
It kissed her

And no more
was he celebrated.
He was ‘just there’,
like he did her
filling up a space,
not empty though.
His fingers
brushed her cheek.
He kissed her
face and
he held her close
and all she has
are just memories
no longer timed
for they had
soon faded.