To think that for a split second

she saw an angel.

She knew somehow 

it had to be a joke.

Something unreal about those

eyes that yearned innocence.

And for a moment she lifted hands to aid

not seeing the sword thrusting painlessly

through that heart.


He killed her a thousand times.


A phoenix she was,

died only to rise again

to another waiting death.

And in this tunnel she saw

horns on wings,

black on white,

a smile with sharpened teeth.

A phoenix she was.

A phoenix she is.

Rode on those wings,

holding those horns

bludgeoning on life’s death

with a bleeding heart.


He killed her

She killed her.

And she rebirthed again

giving him life yet he became lifeless.


A promise broken,

A curse laid.

A heart broken,

A life killed.