I knew I didn’t like this feeling
I shouldn’t have liked it.
it excited me though;
it was scary too.

I kissed her.
I kissed her again.

She was drowning in her pool
of loneliness.
I offered friendship
or I thought I offered friendship.

I should have offered enmity,
it would have been easier.
I’m in the same pool with her.
Not her pool of loneliness though.
Some kind of pool
these lines can’t comprehend.

She seduced me.

Not in the way you think.
It was an unconscious art.
She’s harmless.

Her naivety,
her hurt,
her pain,
those tears and,
that hand that so needed a
warmer hand to hold.

And here I stand
holding her waist.
Her bosom against my chest
in the pretence of a hug.

She seduced me.

My hugs were her comfort zone.
I sought beyond the borders of comfort.

I know…I know.

I betrayed my pride.
Too long had I walked away
uplifting my head and shoulder at same length.
Today, they were both low on same height.

Friendship is lost.
Distance and I just made acquaintance.

She seduced me.