I’m in this place
surrounded by shells,
stones,broken bottles
and sand.

I feel the sand
with my palms.

I close my eyes.

I smile to myself.

I open my palms
and let the gentle breeze
blow the sand away.

I proceed to lie in
the sand.

I’m a bit reluctant.

And then, as if jolted
by something, I
plunge into the sand
throwing away my
worries and responsibilities
to the ocean.

I miss this life
the life of sheer innocence
married to naivety.
Too often,
I’m busy growing up
I forget the only
way to grow is to
remember what it is to
be called little one again.

As I roll in the sand,
these little ones
stop their procession for
a moment,
and as if jolted
by the same force
that pushed me,
they plunge into
the sand with me.

They live their lives.

I re-live mine.

Soon, they leave
one after the other.
Its just me now.
I’m a big one.
Life’s short.
Don’t grow up.