Remember the ones
mother warned us about?
I met mine.

Goodness gracious!

He didn’t fit mother’s
description one bit!
She forgot to
say how fine he is
and how chocolate coloured
his skin is!
Bad and dangerous
were what she called him.
I bet she didn’t know
he is smart.
Or clever and witty.
Or both!.
I closed my eyes
to him so many a times.
but it was hard not
to look.
I had to look!

Goodness me!

What a sight!
He spoke so eloquently,
his words were
a lyricist’s wish.
This is a taboo I’m
going to partake in.
it won’t hurt
I guess.
A little fun.
A little excitement.
A little adventure.
Something different from
the regular.
I’ll tell mum I’ll be
When the time comes though.

Remember the ones mother
warned us about?
The bad and dangerous ones?
I met mine.
Tell mum I’m not
sorry yet.