That night

we stayed out

a little longer.

Not like we stay out

but this was a first out of

a thousand out staying.


We saw the moon.


She wasn’t full tonight.

She was a quarter full.

She was beautiful.

Indeed, very beautiful.


There was a star.


There were stars

but this star stood with the moon

away from other stars.

They gave them space.

Just like we,

they stayed there, motionless

for a billion minutes;

they were beautiful.

Someone told me,

‘when a star shines

so brightly that it outshines,

its death is near’.

This was a death so beautiful!

He said to me, ‘when the moon

unravels like this,

she begins anew’.

This moment,

this minute,

this second…it’s new.

The end of this night,

a beginning of beautiful 


We saw the moon,

she was anew.