If she tells
the world about you
she’d tell them
how beautiful you
She would tell
of how bright
and pretty those brown
eyes are.
Those eyes that speak
volumes of your
amazing heart’s unsaid

If she told the world about you,
she’ll tell of how soft
your lips are.
And how magical the
moment is when they press against
Those lips…
do and say the nicest

If she could tell the world
about you
she would tell them
of your arms.
Those big arms
that give comfort
to her soul.

If she would tell the
world about you,
she would tell of your
Small yet so big and
that seems to love
her imperfection
without caution.
The world should know
of his smile.
It gives life to her dead soul.

If she told the world,
she’d be sharing you.
the world need not
know about your
amazing self.
Her soul and her
are enough to know.