Dear lover,
today, I smiled-like never before.
I thought of your heart.
mine stopped to beat.
She cavorted instead
to your heart’s cadence.

Dear lover,
I sat and ogled at the
odd symmetry of your eyes.
I smiled at its perkiness,
its flirtatiousness I crave.

Dear lover,
the butterflies came.
So many!
So beautiful!
Their sensations: bitsy, dainty, tingling!
for in my little paunch, they abide.

Dear lover,
tonight, I stared at the dark
blue skies.
I saw them! The stars!
So pretty, just like you told!
And my name’s calligraphy,

The moon came down.
She shines on this sheet.
Her glitter she said,
was the response to the
anecdote you read of me to her!

Oh!, how she glows!

Then she eclipsed
to give way to the clouds
to shed its love trickles
only your eyes would drip.
Too many such drops,
I baptised.

Then the bedtime birds came,
such melody they whistled
and with your words,
lullied me to sleep.

Dear lover,
I had a dream.
You are the dream.

My life has begun before
it started.
Nary a moment would I miss!