It’s bordering on
like it did last year.
Can’t say which is better.
This one or the other.
I wouldn’t know yet,
the days are still counting.

When I anticipate,
Life consternates my guts out,
throwing all down my
When I don’t,
it just ends up
with a long trickle
rolling down my cheek.
Then I hanker I had hoped;
least I’ll have the
premium and the booty
neatly bound
with a red ribbon.

But this one,
this one seems different.
The trepidation demised before
365’s first quadrant.

I had it placid
or so I thought.
But it always happens.
Life wrenches the hell
out of my so-so lucid entity.

He is gracious to me.
Destiny must like him too
for he is unscathed yet
by life.

The whole whirling
and unexpected tossing
has got to stop.
Too much pained surprises
that surpasses my strength.
My strength drops by the
Strength isn’t strength,
you have disposed distress instead.

Let my phalanx feel the handles.
Let my palms steer the wheels.
Let me be. Please.
Let me live. Please.

It’s bordering on
Like it did last year.
Can’t say which is better.

Best be indifferent.