The reason?
The reason you ask me?
The sagacity?
What am I to say?
What words do I speak now?
What gestures do I show?

I did it.
I thrust it.
Right where it belongs.

And it bled!
Oh! How red it is!
Rich in bubbles!
It gushes out.

I let you be lord.
You thought you were king.
I let you be master.
You thought you were knighted.

See now what glory
exudes from your sides!

Too long you celebrated your lordship
you forgot every kingdom
Dwells on decrees.
You forgot treachery and treason
never go unpunished.
Now, here you lie
on that ground where
you were knighted,
in the blood of your heart.
My lord!
My knight!
My king!

‘I am the king’,
you said.
‘You’ll be my queen’.

Your last blood drops
gradually runs out.

I lay before you,
the sword of the dying knight,
greased with your blood.
A worthy honour
for my unworthy lord.

You’ll be the king.
I’ll be the queen.
One step from me-
Game over.