I went to the hospital.
‘Stress’ I thought.
‘definitely stress’ .

I tell him the symptoms.
He listens quietly.
I can’t help notice
his cute eyes.

He is handsome.

God always tests
me with the cute ones
but I’m covered with
the blood.

He starts to ask questions.
These plenty
doctor questions.
I’m already confused.

A lab scientist comes,
samples are taken.
an xray,
series of scans.

‘You have cancer’.
I look up.
‘And joint degenerations,
pretty bad’.

I’m quiet.
I sit quiet.
I sit quiet and stare at him.
Tears do not flow.

‘How many days more?’.
‘A few more years’.
‘Be specific’.

I drive quietly.

Fast, fast foward.

They run in,
He comes in smiling.
They hug me.
They know.

We count the seconds.
I kiss the girls.
He takes my hand.
I smile.
He cries.

I breathe my last.