She sat,
far away from the others,
just by herself.
Looking at nothing
in particular.
She looked.
As long as
it took the attention
from her.

He knew this
He understood what
it meant.
He could only
hope for the best.
He had seen worse .

I nudged him.
‘Go on’.
‘Not yet’, he seemed to say,
Time’s not ready.

She could sense it,
someone had seen her.
She moved uneasily,
very uneasily.

He walked
towards her,
very briskly yet calmly.
I think I see her smile.

He sits
not saying anything .
He just sits.
Quietly, beside her.

Her head tilts.
His shoulder gives solace.
They just sit.
In silence.

She looks at me,
I’m trapped in her gaze.
‘Pain is real and so is happiness’,
She mumbles and shifts gaze.

He brushes her hair.
‘Through and True’?
He asks.
She smiles.

Another has noticed
this bond
just witnessed.
‘Lovers’? He asked.

A tear drops
and slides down slowly.
‘Best buds’ I reply,
‘Friendship’s true form’.