If I could visit the skies,
I’d Begin when the sun bids farewell.

I’d rise slowly,
with my eyes closed
and let my face be enveloped
in the gentle caresses of
the wind.

The rain as she comes down,
Cleansing me for my grand entrance,
Will trickle slowly,
down to my feet.

I’d sit beside the moon,
surrounded by pretty
little bulb stars, together
lighting up the skies.

‘Ahoy, Marie’,
she’ll say,
‘Come sit here.
I’ll be a half moon tonight.
Together, we’ll float on these skies.
I’ll show you,
I’ll show you,
down below;
the chaos,
the madness,
the smoke rising.
I’ll show you,
I’ll show you,
here in the skies,
the utopia you seek.
You will be still’.

The skies own peace.
The skies own serenity.

I’d like to go,
I’d like to go,
disappear a little
from all of these.
I’d like to go,
I want to go
and find serenutopia
with the skies.

The skies are calling.