Surrounded by the
lights of the night,
I’m stuck.
Stuck on your
gradually assembling memory.

Your memory
is same as mine.
You are my
opposite equal,
harbouring my heart’s thoughts.
And when you speak,
I am robbed off
my mouth’s words.

This game,
this Moment,
this Phase,
this Stage,
Whatever it be,
have been travelled by us.

We are familiar with its
adhering religiously to its
unfriendly regulations.
Yet, we sit on it,
waiting for the other
to fall,
denying our hearts
their peace.

Ennui seizes me.

Scared of a déjà vu,
I fall.
On my own accord,
propelled by our
overriding coincindential

In the timorous years,
I would sit and wait
for the certainty of safety.
But too long have I sat on fences
proclaiming safety.

Do not make mockery
of my timid bravery,
Lest I cave in.
Do not find vulnerability in
my heart’s weakness
Lest she stops to beat.

Fall beside me.
Sit with me.
We will rise when
we will.
For now,
let us fall to take seats side
by side with each other.
It is safe.
Our hearts know this.
Let us cause them no more betrayals.