I froze.
My heart bled for him.
I thought he knew,
he did not know.

One more time,
he said it to me
catching me yet again unawares
I stood in silence
recognizing the change in my
heart’s rhythm.

His death is near
He still is unaware.
This is going to be a slow
It will hurt.

I shouldn’t feel the pain

But this,
something is chiselling
its way in.
Something deep and painful.

I shouldn’t feel this.
Maybe I feel I feel it.
That’s why I feel it.
I’m pained.

Take gratitude
for this pain now will you?
I’m glued to this fear.
This fear.

I will take a walk.
I can’t come close.
I’ll walk away.
He needs to live.

This death is far near.
This death will be brief.
But he’ll rise,
maybe he won’t.

This is my gift to him.
I can’t say to him
what he speaks to me.
I can give him freedom.

This death is your
soul’s freedom.
Accept with everything that isn’t love.
In the end, the consequences are still mine.

You will live.

Give this death its chance.