We live life.
We take life’s walk.
Sometimes we are forced.
Other times,
we force ourselves.
Either way, we take the walk.

I still walk.

In a fraction of my life’s quarter
I have walked a lifetime’s walk.
I have learnt to walk with ease.

You see,
This is no art.
I possess no special powers
but I walk with ease,
whatever stands ahead.

Remember I have walked.
Still I walk,
taking the life’s unexpected walks.

Close your eyes
Open your ears.
Set your soul free.

Listen. See. Feel.

Share a secret from me for you;
I have learnt to walk with ease.
This is no art.
Still I walk.

My boat is steady.

Walk with me?

Don’t keep me waiting,
the road changes,
my boots too.

You see,

this is no art

but master this art.

Steady your boat,

Take a walk.