Tell me you are
like you have been.

Tell me you still will be.

Tell me you have been.

Tell me you are.

Tell me, you are lost
only for these seconds.

Tell me.

Has it ever been too much?
I ask for a little,
nothing more.
You know.

You hear my prayers.
You heard my tears.
What wrong have I done?
What then have I done wrong?

Make it right!
Don’t bring me here to leave me!
You do this!
You always do this!

Why drop smile bugs within
if they’ll grow to become sad petals
causing damage to the damaged.
Riri and I have definitely had enough.

I’m not weak.
You know this.
Why do you drag me by the hair?

These tears have become like a burnt offering to you,
you delight in my teary sacrifices.
When will you heal the land?
And cause this famine to stop?

Stop putting my kindness as weakness.
If you will just put an end to this. Just this once.
There won’t be another time.
There shouldn’t be.

Woke up positive on the day I smiled.
How did you place such negativity here?

I’m not angry.
I’m mad!
Mad at you!!

Stop this madness.
Too much drama.
The theatre is outdated.
I don’t need any drama.

I don’t need rehearsals.
Spontaneous flow remember?

Rewrite what you have rewritten to what you wrote.

How many days have I left?
Won’t you let me live them up?

I’m not angry.
I’m mad!


I wish,
I just wish.
That’s all I want.
I’m not angry.
I’m not mad.

In the name you choose
this is my intention.
Not act of contrition.

I wish you will
just tell me.
Tell me why you
find pleasure here.

Do I pray?
To you?
Should I?

If I go to church today,
will you harken?

I will have a spasm,
and I’m not mad.
I’ll stay here.
No apologies.


If you paint me weak
then I am.
Let’s round up the damage
you keep causing.

When will you draw
the breath?
Of what use
is a breathing mad me?

Take me now.
I’m weak and damaged
without a contrite heart.

Maybe I’m mad.
I’m mad.
Believing you all this long.

I’ve had enough.
I’ll get drunk
I’ll become contrite.

My heart is contrite now.
I have the grey witch here.
My the brutal liquid slides down.
I’m weak. Take me now.

I can’t make it home,
lest you count my wasted years.

I hope you can understand.