Emotions running wild.
Confusion taking centre stage.
Pain sits somewhere in the corner.
Betrayal is the main character.

You shot me.

Of this road we both didn’t know
which we know now,
you led me deep into the streets.
Seat belts on.
Steady driving.
Each bump swerving with
skills we had equipped ourselves with.

We swore on our honour.
On the honour of
that ship.
On the honour of our dignity.
On the honour of genuineness .

Hand in hand we walked,
taking each step together.

Your finger slipped,
but your head rested still on my shoulders.
Another finger slipped.
Your head rested still.
‘Hold my hand,
Don’t let go’.
The very words I heard you spoke,
I spoke to you.

You looked up.
You saw them.
The very bump we swore to cross together.
We saw them.

You let my hand go,
You left them trembling.
You didn’t look at me.
You didn’t tell the bumps were here.
You didn’t tell they had come too soon.
You let go.

I looked at you.
Your eyes were cold,
They were pained.
They said no words.
They had no words.
Back and forth I paced,
hoping to freeze the moment
so I can pour some warmth into.

I remember the words.
The very same words.
The smile your face held.
The promise your eyes held.
The safety you hands gave,
when they wiped the tears that fell
on the day of our existence.

On our honour we swore.

You left me in motion
knowing the ship needed two captains.
‘Abandon ship’ you said,
but you left no notice,
no life jackets.

Slowly but quickly,
I drown in the very waters that gave life,
wondering at the coldness
of a once warm ocean.

Deep and deeper
I go into the ocean
swallowing the waters of our yesteryears.
I can’t breathe.
You throw in the rope
17feet long , hoping it will save me.
Grabbing the loose ends
I slip further.
The rope is burnt.

When you left.
You set me on fire.
Forgetting to hold onto the rope,
you set it on fire too.

regardless of whatever,
we ought to stand here
but you stood far away.
I stare at the rope,
burning with confusion,
The rope burning with me.

Emotions running wild.

Cutting me open,
you dragged the knife
forgetting only to cut.

I wish.
I wish you picked the rope.

I look for salvation,
I find none.

I see the rope
Long, burnt, blood stained.

You cut me open,
you watched me spill.
Like I spilled on the
day we birthed
one another.

Remember the words.
Remember the stains.
Remember the promises.

Why start a fire?