this night,
I thought of you.
One more time.

I want to tell you
of the places I been
and the things I’ve done.
But then I remember,
how I was killed
by the hands that once held me.
You took me off life supporto
without my consent.
You could have asked.
You should have asked.
I wish you asked.

Tell our kids,
Please tell them
how warm I used to be.

Tell them, there was a time
you and me were,
without boundaries.

Tell them this cold heart
once burned with warmth.

Tell them I loved you.
Tell them I love you.
Tell them I once was warm.
Tell them you loved me.
Tell them you love me.
Tell them you took life from me
Tell them you killed me.

Tonight I thought of you.
I wish I could tell
I know I can’t.
I have no life in me.

The warmth I had turned
to ice on the stormy night you struck.