future tomorrow

Take me back.

Take me back to when it all started,

when we would heed to the call.

Now we heed to the call of survival.

The nation of our heroes’ past

was not meant to be in vain.

We serve with faint heart, no might.

Freedom is an illusion.

We were the leaders of tomorrow.

Tomorrow came.

We welcomed it but we weren’t leaders.

Those who were leaders still owned tomorrow.

So we waited.

We wait

We still will wait.

In the wait, we bear children in our tomorrow,

still we are not leaders.

Tomorrow comes,

we are not leaders.

Tomorrow comes for the children we bear.

We are not leaders, tomorrow did come as promise.

Maybe, just maybe,

the children we bear will become

the leaders of tomorrow.

Maybe, just maybe,

they will be leaders of the tomorrow

of the children of our children’s children.