So the other day, (what! You should know I like to start my stories like this na). Anyways, the other day, my colleague and I decided to do our nails. Not manicure o! We went to fix nails. Someone had directed us to a place. She wasn’t opened so we decided to go to ‘aunty’, the one that we know. Sadly, ‘aunty’ wasn’t open either. Since we were close to the bus stop, we decided to go get some jewelry instead.

My colleague wanted to paint her nails still and so we somehow found ourselves under Ojota pedestrian bridge.
Talking about bridges, some idiot, just crossed the express around Onipanu! And he was very close to the bridge! And a truck missed him! Why the hell would you take such a risk?!


Anyway, back to the story. So we meet this girl, with her basin of nail-paints. We sit down and tell her our mission. ‘Ok na, let’s go. She turns to me. Aunty shey you wee not do your own?’ She asks me. I look at her for a while and I say ‘no’.
Ahan!’ She replies, ‘you cannot come to my shop han not do hanything na. Hi will do it fine for you.
Well she was right, I was in her shop and by shop I mean under the pedestrian bridge. I might as well patronize her. ‘What the hell’, I tell my colleague. ‘I’ll do it. Let’s see how it goes’ and we begin. She starts first by cleaning my friend’s nails with the polish remover. Next thing we know, three other girls join her. ‘Ah! Ore mi!! Ah! Bobo yen foolish gan! He think say ha no get sense!’
One is carrying a child on her back. The mother sits down. The third girl is a bit hyper. She has somehow managed to be all over ‘the nail- technician’s shop’. The first speaker stoops down in front of my colleague. The owner of the ‘shop’ tells my colleague, ‘let ah do the paint for you. Let me do the second aunty. So that ha wee be fast’.

‘Hope she will do it well? My colleague asks. ‘Yes na, she sabi work’.
‘Alright then’, my colleague gives her a go-ahead and we begin the process. Just before we start, I ask her for her name. ‘Biodun’. She answers while looking at me. ‘Alright Biodun. Please do it well’. She nods her head. Meanwhile, her friend has begun work on my colleague’s hands.

While all of these happen, the other two have been talking, of course in loud voices with Biodun and the other girl chipping in. The gist gets more interesting that Biodun’s assist gets up holding the nail polish, suspending my colleague’s hand. We stare at each other. ‘Do they have to be here’? I ask Biodun. ‘Yes’. Half looking at me, half joining in their convo. ‘She wee do it now now’. ‘Oya wa se owo customer yii na’ (come and continue with the customer). She shouts at her assist. Her assist resumes her temporary job.
A new customer (or so we think) comes and sits down. Biodun’s assist suspends my colleague’s hands again and next thing, she has started painting the new customer’s nails.
‘What happened’? We ask Biodun.
‘No ho. She wee do it’. Biodun replies.
‘Sorry. Ham coming’. Her assist says to us while Biodun goes back to my nails. They resume their gist. ‘Arrgh’! I scream. ‘Don’t peel my skin off o! You are not even looking at my hand. Why don’t you concentrate now’? Biodun’s assist resumes her first duty. ‘Sorry’. She says. Somehow she manages to finish doing my nails but just before she finishes, my colleague says, ‘aunty is bae’ referring to the nail lady we are familiar with.

Well, the post is just about to start.
Taaaa! Stop rolling your eyes.
Just read jor.

I was having a chat with a friend yesterday and it prompted me to write this, coupled with my experience at Biodun’s shop.

The thing is this, we all have things that we want to be. We all have things we want to achieve and we all have things that we have to do in the journey to achieving these dreams.
How do we do them?
Like Biodun, we know what we want. We have established the process but how do we keep up? How do we stay focused without losing out on people, on moments and on opportunities because I and my colleague are never going to Biodun’s shop again? Olouuunnn! (I see you paddy mi, my yorubaness is still alive)
Someone said life happens fast but I’ve come to realize that it moves with us. We seem to fail to ask ourselves what we are doing while life is moving.
So ask yourself; life is moving, what am I doing?
My friend told me last night in our chat;

‘I want to be like every other young man who has no worry or commitments to anything in life.
Yet I have to play safe and be very careful because lies in me is a generation to bring forth’ 

And this was what I thought;
‘Don’t see yourself as growing too fast, see yourself as being behind. That should motivate you. There isn’t time, thank God you know you have a generation to bring forth. What do you want them to meet when they come forth? A father that took chances? Or one that made choices. Life is short yes, but times are changing and life is moving fast. For me, if I’m at the same pace with my mates then there is a problem. You should begin to think that way too. Project where you want to be. So that while others are playing around, you are sorting out your life and when they would want to settle, you would have begun to see the fruit of your choices. One more thing, you should check the people around you. What’s their value offering? What do they have to offer? If the people around you do not have anything that will help you be better, you should cut them off without delay and begin to surround yourself with people who have focus, drive and vision. We will be responsible for the choices we make. Give yourself challenges and work towards achieving them, push yourself harder. YOU WON’T BREAK. You should also learn to be in control of your emotions. All things that aren’t necessary should take second place. List your priorities, pray to God and then work towards them. Everything will follow as long as you let God lead’.
I always tell everyone I come across about the need for a re-evaluation of their life at every point because, you have to be in sync with your vision and your mission. Indeed life is moving fast. Are you moving with it or waiting to be moved?
By the way, KAI officials later came to move Biodun from her ‘shop’.
Well, life happens and by the way, one nail has fallen off.
Gotta run people.

Wait oh! This was supposed to be a break-up story abi?

Lol….sorry.* tongue out*

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Peace, love and pizza!