I had the honor of guest blogging for celonaiphyblog and I had fun doing it.
I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks to @adebhayour for the amazing images.


I see magic in people. I see magic in the artists that I admire. I see an endless potential for greatness. It’s my choice to see that in them, even when they aren’t willing to see it themselves ~ Anonymous

I might end up giving a million words; trying to describe this wonderful human …I might come close to feeling we think alike, but that would be me being human again. I just don’t think I have ever faulted any of her various ability to perform and express.

In all; Okorie Marie has being and would always be a strong allie and to Celona’s blog,  …see what she has to say to us;

http://wp.me/p3TSpd-4q http://wp.me/p3TSpd-4q


When I began writing , I didn’t know what I was doing. I was ashamed to tell people, ‘hey I love poetry’.

I mean it was difficult for students…

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