I remember the first day I saw Satz. He ran past me as I walked along the street. He wore a red basketball vest. I can’t remember if he wore shorts or trousers but I remember vividly, him running past me.
When you meet Satz, you have no idea that he is insane (creatively insane o) but you’ll notice that he is weird.
We all got along pretty fast and being a creative person, it is usually difficult to hide that which you possess. Sooner than later, the real Satz began to come out and so did everybody’s true personality.
Born into a regular Nigerian family, Satz like every Nigerian child had dreams. He had a talent too or rather still, he has talents but given the Nigerian thinking way, he really could do nothing with these talents except just for the fun of it. I mean what does drawing bring to the table? Or basketball when you have nobody to push you or take you there. How you wan take do am?
At this point, I need to say a few things.
Just stop being lazy and stop giving excuses.
Please do not start with the ‘I have tried’…that’s an old concept and a whole lot of people have used it and trust me it hasn’t worked for them. So get to work!.
Ok. Let’s go back (and no I don’t need anger management classes!)
The day I found out Satz was a security officer, I can’t say if my respect for him heightened or it blew up but I was emotional and then I was happy.
Satz was a security officer at an agency. PLEASE NOTE THE WORD ‘WAS’.
Satz amongst many things is a gifted illustrator. He can draw shaaa. When I met him, he had no knowledge of Photoshop, not to talk of art directing.
Someone found Satz’s drawing and always wondered who he was especially as he was told that the person who drew these drawings is a security guard. Somehow as God would have it they met and he introduced him to 02academy Lagos.
Practice indeed makes perfect but I have come to understand that if you need to succeed, you have to believe in yourself. You can ask VicO, (biko who has his numbers, I need to learn a few things from the best rapper) he knows this principle too well to joke with it.
Swami Vivekananda said,

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life–think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

Then believe in God and work. WORK HARD AND HARDER.
In no time, Satz became an art director. I remember the days and nights he grinded in class. My goodness! Boy was determined. Thankfully, he had people who believed in him. I guess that was what he needed as and he went on full throttle.
Fast forward to the LAIF Awards week, where there was the young laifers competition. Satz and his teammate won. As it if that was not enough, (I mean when God is about to sort you out, he goes all out!) on the day of exhibition, his works were on display and of course they got noticed.
People who knew him could not believe. They couldn’t hide the surprise. Satz had gradually become an art director. He was beginning to mingle with kings!
A week after, I remember Satz telling us one day at the academy how he was invited into the Creative Director’s office and caught a glimpse of his file.
A few more meetings and next thing we know, Satz was being offered a letter to resume work with one of the baddest agencies in Nigeria as an Art Director!!

Here is the beautiful side to this story, this agency was the agency that Satz guarded as a security officer. Wait, let that sink in.
Yesterday, Saturday walked into that building, not in a security uniform as a security guard but as an ART DIRECTOR. His former colleagues will begin to open the gate for him.
From the gate to greatness.
There is greatness in all of us! We all have talents, we all have something that we are good at. Biko what are you doing with it? Who are you waiting for?
If there’s one thing I know, I know that God is not DEAD. God is indeed very much alive. God is amazing and awesome and he plans for us. Plans that are not evil but are good. We all are born with greatness. ALL OF US. What do you do with it? Not everybody is born with a silver spoon. You have to work to get some silver on your spoon. We should all be constant work in progress. You need to believe. It doesn’t just stop at believing. You have to work. Faith without work is useless. You don’t plant a seed and sit down, you water it and care for it. That is what we should do with talent or every skill that we have learnt. Keep nurturing it till it grows and becomes very visible for the whole world to see and the whole world will see!
Unfortunately, most of our parents do not understand the need to believe in talent. What does being an artist or being a make-up artist bring to the table? Will it pay your school fees? Or the school fees of your younger ones (the ones some people have no choice but to take over responsibility from their parents as soon as we come of age.).But we all agree that when you come of age, you can at least be allowed some privacy. Find way around it, find a way to balance it.

You can’t keep shouting, ‘I’m talented, I can draw, I can cook, I can write’. Put yourself in a position to helped, trust in GOD, keep doing what you know how to do best, HELP WILL LOCATE YOU.
Each time I tried to write this, tears roll down my face. I have seen greatness. I have seen the grace of God. I once saw Satz in his security uniform and yesterday, after close of work he came to my office. No words can explain how we all felt at work.

Somehow, I hope this inspires someone who is confused frustrated or at a cross road, don’t stop believing. Don’t stop. And find people who believe in you we all need them but please don’t stop.
We are all passing through something but whatever it is, just know God is brewing you.
Don’t stop believing. And for those who don’t believe you, we need them to constantly remind us that we can.
It’s a new year but there isn’t time, the year is far spent. Get to work. Don’t stop believing.

There is greatness in you.
There is greatness in all of us.
You and I.
Go, find the greatness within you.
Conquer the world.
We are gods!

Peace, Love, Cakes and Ice Cream… (I really want Ice Cream) and kilzzes! Oh…and may the spirit of VicO’s confidence find all of you. Better don’t resist!

©M.Chidi 2016