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I saw my friend smile for the first time in a long time. It has been over two years since I saw Oluchi smile. Well she smiles, but not like this. Not in this manner, she had finally let go. It was a long time coming, I never saw it coming. ( Osheyyy I’m now a lyricist!)

I remember the last time I saw her, she was dead. Her eyes were too sad. Very sad. Even though she’d try to hide it in a smile. Oluchi is the definition of what we’d call a happy woman with fear, pain and worry written over her.

We met in the university. She was two years ahead of me. She stepped on my toe and the way I danced around in pain like an excited kangaroo made her to laugh instead of apologizing. We became friends after that. Talking only when the other remembered the other. We just didn’t worry ourselves with calling on a steady. We‘d just call each other and fill each other up with what we have missed out.

In her final year, she was in a serious relationship that we all thought would lead to marriage. Everything was just appropriate, in our eyes sha. Oga was working. Oga had a house. Oga just bought a car. Oga was (so we thought) in love with our girl. Well, in our heads, she was going be married soon. It was perfect.

A day to his birthday, she was putting finishing touches to his surprise party. He was supposed to be back in town first thing on his birthday morning as he had been in Port Harcourt for a few days.

Well, apparently, he went to propose to someone else.

How did I know? An overexcited friend of mine who is a cousin (attach plenty family ties here) to the newly proposed girl used the proposal picture as her DP. Well, you know what happens with kind of things. Home girl had an extra year.

I know, I know, not everybody recovers the same way but she had a relapse.

Somehow, she finished with school, went for NYSC and all of the rest that comes with finishing from the university but not once did she get involved with another guy. Not even kiss. (I can’t imagine how she survived). She was doing well for a young lady but she locked everybody out. Became extra mean. She was nice to just few people. But never gave people chances.

Oluchi had fears.

Deep down, she had big fears. We all do. I mean, I’m afraid of thunder and lightning( there you go, you know what my fear is ( Don’t try to call me when rain is falling, I will not pick. I’m not laying down my life for you, you aren’t Jesus Christ))

Our fears sometimes hold us back. Our fears always hold us back. ALWAYS. And the longer we let ourselves be stuck up in our fears, we won’t move from where we are and we’d miss out on all the things we shouldn’t. I feel like I’m talking to myself here though.

It’s ok to be safe and careful but how long you going be careful for (still talking to me here).

Anyways, it’s the last day in February, and it is the leap year.

I think you should just be.

You know, make that decision, whatever it is. Cut that hair. Call that girl/guy (I’ll call Trey Songz tonight), go get some ice cream even if you have diabetes, eyan le ku anytime, so what’s the fear?

A leap year is once in four years yes? It doesn’t happen always. It’s same with opportunities and moments, if you get lucky with the same opportunity, all well and good.

What if you don’t?

Oluchi is married and living happily ever after with king Agu’s son inside one mansion because God wants to restore unto her the lost and wasted years. And mind you, she met him at a supermarket. His hand brushed her hand and her phone fell down and broke and then on the spot he bought her a new phone sharp sharp but she rejected it and he was drawn by her humility and knew that he had met his wife so he bought her a car instead.


Is this Africa magic?

No she isn’t married yet. Marriage maybe isn’t for everybody. That is gist for another day but she’s friendlier now and has started letting people in.

Last week, she got a cat. That’s a big step for her. She’s happy. She’s opening up. She’ll let people in soon.

Stop focusing on the cat. Focus on the fact that she made a decision against what her fears would have her do. You should do to. I should also.

Till the next leap year, (I don’t know when it is.) Make up your mind, don’t waste time and just do it. (Nike should come and pay for free advertising)

As for me, I’ll call Trey and take him back. This is not the year to let go of the lightening and thunder fear.

Peace, Love and free Pizza