Hi guys,

So I am writing with a low level of excitement I have no idea why but I am hoping that by the end of this piece, I’d be over it or I’d have figured it out.Sunrise silhouette of 10 young women walking hand in hand.

It’s the month of June. A lot has happened this year I must say and truth be told, the year has gone by really fast.

Close your eyes. (I mean your mind’s eyes, or how else are you going to read the rest of the piece with your eyes closed?). Take a deep breath and ask yourself

‘How far’?

‘What have I accomplished’?(Don’t speak out before people think something is wrong with you, say it in ya mind)

I’m hungry as I type this. I guess that’s what is wrong with me.(Why do I feel like you re trying to judge me?)

You have no idea, I downed a plate of rice, a plate of coleslaw, two big pieces of chicken, one bottle of Maltina and a bottle of water and I AM STILL HUNGRY!!!

I guess hunger is the motivation behind this piece.

Speaking of hunger, what are you hungry for?

Safe to say, this piece is for every female that cares to read…(You had better care to read it…it’s not optional. and guys too…get in touch with your feminine side and read too…don’t be shy)

So, dear female human, you are everything that you don’t even know you are. You can and you will.

Do you not hunger for success? For a life of progression? For a life of accomplishments?

Pay attention.

If you know me, it is safe to say I am a tomboy… well, sometimes. (Mums called me her son the other day when I dressed up and wore boots.I would have shown you the picture but…smh for that woman.)

Being or adopting that personality is an alter ego of mine and truth be told she has taken me beyond places I haven’t imagined. Funny yes? Well, it has worked for me because sometimes, to get what I want, I need fierceness, I need courage, I need bravery and determination, I will walk in mud, or mud even will be thrown at me and, mud or no mud, my eyes must be on the prize.  I must therefore be ready to take the bull by the horn.

Now, nobody is asking you to cut your hair and wear boots, although it would be nice if I had my own army; (a girl can dream right?). All I’m saying is, look for the unafraid person that you are hiding inside and set her free.

I have one question for you, WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING TO THE TABLE? (Nope, I’m not talking relationship table please. Not every time relationship na).

We have gotten to the point in life where every young person should be able to hold their own for themselves. A lot of people are making achievements in their early twenties what makes you then to be relegated? Even if you have gone past your twenties, it doesn’t matter, why relegate yourself?

How long will you wait for someone to dash you money? shey you cannot dash yoursef money ni? How long will they be helping your ministry kwanu?

It is safe also to say now that we have gotten to the point in Nigeria where your skill will create a job for you because it is only when people see what you can do that they would begin to trust you with their jobs. Trust me I have seen this happen a lot of times.

g1385411537269271870.jpgYou should learn a skill. Yes. Learn a skill. (I did not ask you to goan learn irrelevant something. Biko o)Whatever it is, LEARN IT. Thanks to the internet, there are over a million and one things you can learn from the internet. I cannot begin to list the amount of skills available to acquire.

You have a phone. Use it.

One of the best advice I got just after I left school was from my sister when she told me ‘you are always pressing your phone. That phone had better make money for you else you will be wasting precious time’. God in heaven knew that was just what I needed to hear and I tapped into it immediately.

Girl,(and boy/guy/man…sigh…you people sef) sometimes I wonder, do you not tire of being basic? Do you not tire of being ordinary? Why do you always have to settle? What happened to dreams you once had? Why let your limitations take you down?

I once was a relationship with a person who wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I was ambitious. Sadly I almost let myself believe that he was right and was beginning to tone down on my ambitions but mercy said NO!..I’m not gonna let you go..( Shame on you if you sang that line. Lol…I’m not alright I know).

Chase those dreams girl and find peace. Every other thing will fall in.

Recently in the course of last week, the parts of the bible I have come across are stories about people who never gave up, people who were never going to settle. They had limitations but refused to let it stop them. First I came across the story of blind Bartimeus, then the woman with the issue of blood…that one kept reoccurring in my head (Maybe I’ve been listening to too much of Igbo Christian music of late). These two people have something in common and only when they got what they wanted that they found happiness.

Dear queen, (that seems to be the new title for women online) you are destined for greatness. You were not destined to be basic or ordinary, you were destined to be unique and extraordinary. God made you differently why you do then want to be basic?

Ask yourself, what is my accomplishment?

My boss once told me, ‘you don’t have to have it all to begin’ and each time I have a limitation or encounter difficulties making a decision I tell myself the same thing he told me.

Start, other things will fall in line no matter how long it takes.

Put yourself in a position to be helped and help will find you. You don’t expect to wake up one morning and expect that someone will just look at you and say, ‘awww….I was just passing and saw you. Take this 1 million naira and use it for anything you like. I don’t have anything to do with it’.


LOL again….LOL one more time. You are not well sha.

See ehn, this life is once, I cannot come and go and die and just be ordinary and content with being basic. Hian! my parents did not spend money for me to go and cram textbook only biko.  Finding and receiving sense was part of the package.

I am constant work in progress. I look back at the beginning of this year and I have made some achievements. I don’t have to be recognized by a governing body or break records. It doesn’t matter if you know about it gan, what matters is there is progress and no matter how long it takes there is a progression. That is all there is to know.

You should begin to make progress. You should begin fast.

See ehn, VicO believes he’s the greatest rapper. Well, laugh all you want, VicO has achieved popularity. That might have been his dream and really that is not my business but what I’m concerned about is the fact that he thinks he is the greatest and he believes it. And it is working for him.

Re-wire your brain into rethinking that there is greatness in you because there is!

Mohammed Ali said;

“To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.”

We are in the last month of the first half of the year, change your status quo for God’s sake! Start moving, there is greatness in you and me!

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

― Muhammad Ali

Go conquer.

Happy new month guys.

Peace, Love and Food.


5th June, 2016

I’m still hungry.