A long time ago, I made a decision that, irrespective of what happens, I will be happy. For me, happiness matters in everything that I do. Sadly, society makes us seem selfish for wanting to be happy. People cannot seem to understand why you would want to be happy. You’d hear things like; “haba! You will let this go because you don’t think you are happy?” “Don’t worry, do it, eventually you’ll like it and find happiness in it”. We have heard this at one point or the other in our lives. Truth is if you keep listening to them, you’ll never find that happiness you are looking for. 

Happiness is a state of mind, it cannot be given, it cannot not be bought but it can be created. Happiness is a feeling of pleasure and contentment. 

There are a lot of emotions or feelings that we cannot control, unfortunately, we have put being happy as uncontrollable. I believe so much in the power of the mind and that is why I also say to guard your mind jealously and filter whatever you let into your mind. 

To be happy lies in your hands and not in the hands of a person or a thing. How you respond to a situation matters a lot. It shows if you are in control of the situation or the situation is in control of you. 

As a Catholic Christian, the bible tells me that whatever situation you find yourself in, thank the lord. This didn’t make sense to me till later in life. An incident had happened in school affecting my older brother. My mum was alerted and as we rushed to get him treated, I heard my mum say “Thank you Jesus”. I thought my mother was insane. Be thankful she said. In everything be thankful, you can’t control what happens but how you react is your responsibility. 

I will say this, you cannot be thankful if you are not happy. It doesn’t make sense. You have to have an advanced level of contentment, a realisation that you cannot change what has happened but you can choose how to react to it. 

Thankfulness begets happiness.

To be continued…