Hi, my name is the first thing you see when you open this blog.

I’m female, (you should know that by now).

This is a blog of many things but first of poetry where you’d find most of my thoughts (the rest of my thoughts are residing with ice-cream and pizza)and second, my other thoughts. There are also third, fourth and plenty reasons about this blog…but not today.

Anyways, now that you are here, please read.(I said please o)

Peace, love and many things.




8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I couldn’t help but to commend this lovely piece of writing…. Well appreciated.


  2. owoyomi tosin said:

    Lovely write ups you have here keep the great work going


  3. I had to google sapiosexual, but yeah, I can get behind that.


  4. I found your blog over at HarsH ReaLiTy! I’m looking forward to connecting.

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  5. You may have seen my new promotions I am doing for books and authors on my blogs. If you or any author you know of are interested in gaining some awareness of their title please share this link https://aopinionatedman.com/book-promotion-terms/! I appreciate it! 🙂

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